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Started in 2006, Transmission is an event created by United Music Events who win a growing success in the international dance scene. Organized in the massive O² Arena in Prague, the 10th edition of Transmission will open his doors in a bit more than two weeks. had the opportunity to ask some questions to Martijn van den Berg, responsible for the International PR and travels around Transmission and taking care that 4000 foreigners from over 50 different countries will visit the event this year.

What kind of surprise can we expect for this special anniversary?

We always try to make every edition of Transmission special and we strive to make the next edition always a bit better than the last one. We need to innovate, adjust to the time and have to think one step forward in order to keep Transmission on the high level. One of the new things we are really looking forward to is the use of the new Funktion One Vero system. The Vero system is a new designed Funktion One sound system that just comes out of the beta test phase and it is the first time ever it will be set up in an arena in this huge configuration. Vero means in Latin ‘in truth’ and Funktion One suppliers from all over the world are flying in to Prague to hear and experience the new sound system for the first time. Audio Plus together with Tony Andrews and John Newsham from Funktion One will set up the sound system. The light and laser show for Transmission was already well known and huge but every edition we added some more lights and lasers in the production. What will be special about this edition is we haven’t not just add a bit more lights and lasers but we have almost doubled compared to the last edition the amount of Mac Vipers and we have tripled the amount of Clay Paky Sharpy’s. It’s another thing we are exited about to see how that turns out in reality. Also six out of the 7 performing artists will be making their debut on Transmission and for the first time we will have an MC on Transmission, to support the atmosphere. The Transmix never has been made by a producer before, but this year we asked The Thrillseekers for it. The VIP deck has been doubled in size to meet the increasing demand for VIP tickets. And the real surprises that we have…well those will stay real surprises and to find out what they are people just need to come to the o2 arena on the 30th of November in Prague.


There are many big festivals in different countries today. Could the Transmission concept be developed in other countries soon?

Yes Transmission is ready to go abroad. How things look like now the first foreign edition will be held in 2014 and we are talking to more promoters in various countries to bring Transmission there as well. The main concern is to find the right partner who understands what Transmission stands for and understands how it should be organized. Another issue is to find the right venue that suits to the needs of Transmission. To present the original set up of the stage it requires a venue with a lot of space especially height available. In Prague’s o2 arena we have a stage with the dimensions of 45 meter wide and 23 meter high, so in total over 1000m2. Venue’s available to built a stage with such dimensions are limited so we have designed by the look of it an identical set up but with adjusted dimensions to be able to build the set up in more arena’s. First we are focusing in Europe and in the future maybe overseas. We will take care ourselves for the production so this will be on the same level everywhere.

TR073_CH1What was your main goal when you created the Transmission concept?

Transmission had its first edition in 2006. By that time there were not many big dance events here in the Czech Republic, it was about 17 years after the fall of communism but with these kind of big dance events the country was quite behind back then. The main aim was to bring high-level exclusive dance events to the Czech Republic that could easily compete with the events organized in western Europe. To introduce the brand, 3 Transmission editions were organized in 2006 and Transmission grew fast from 3.500 to 8.500 visitors. The next logical step was to move in 2007 to the 02 arena, which is a bigger and very luxurious location. It also gave us the opportunity to make better and bigger productions and we started to increase the size of the stage and could add more lights, lasers than all other events here in the Czech Republic. We also added more show elements with dancers, acts and so on. From 2009 we tried to distinguish our selves even more to other events in the Czech Republic and we start using an exclusive huge Funktion One sound system, which is brought over from the UK. The efforts the Funktion One guys are putting into delivering the best possible sound is really amazing and the acoustics of the o2 arena are for such a big arena is also very good and since then we think we start to deliver the best sound experience possible at a dance event. In 2010 we adjusted the direction a bit and we focused more on delivering a show through the technology we were using and less with acts, dancers and so on. Creating exceptional experiences is the most important for us and is what we want to achieve.

TR008_MSa1The festival is famous all around the world especially for its amazing light show. Why this is so important for you?

As said creating exceptional experiences is the most important for us and for Transmission it became a way to distinguish itself from other events. There are globally seen not so many events that have such a great light and laser production. We personally think it has great added value to an event and actually don’t understand why many promoters don’t give more attention to it. We want Transmission to be a feast for all senses, so besides the music and the sound quality, the visual aspect and show is a very important part of the Transmission experience as well. Personally in our team we are big fans from sound, lights and lasers, so there is a big passion and love behind it. It is great when all pieces of lights, lasers, visuals, intro’s and special effects fall together and when ideas become plans and then you see the show real live. People come to Transmission of course for the music and to have a great time with friends, but many people also come to see and experience the show.

Transmission is considered as a Trance event. But last year, many artists of the line-up were not considered as true trance artist. Is it a sign that Transmission will follow in the next years Sensation, or Trance Energy examples?

Transmission is mainly seen as a trance event because we mostly have programmed artists that played trance but the whole trance scene and music is changing and evolving. One of the reasons we called it Transmission (and not Trancemission) is to have some flexibility with the music style. We don’t have the intention to change the programming as from what we have done in the past and as long as we see the support is there we won’t change it musically wise but many trance producers and DJs now also produce more progressive, house or trouse as well, those genres are getting closer connected. We can’t tell or force any of the artists to play strictly the so-called “real trance”, they have artistic freedom. The artists on Transmission play what they think is best for a party like Transmission, mainly the well-known big room sound. This year we think there will be music styles for everyone, progressive house and progressive trance, bigroom sound, trouse, upflifting trance. For us Transmission also doesn’t need to be strictly only pure trance, some diversity we can also appreciate. What matters for us is that we bring a great night and experience to the people, full of fun and great memories and we think we deliver that. With the line up presented this year we think the real trance fans will be satisfied for sure.

Transmission – The machine of Transformation is on Saturday 30.11.2013 in the o2 arena in Prague

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